Problematika Peserta Didik Dalam Mahārah Al-Qirā’ah Kelas VIII di Madrasah Tsanawiyah

  • Ria Indriani UIN Datokarama Palu
  • Ahmad Asse
  • Ubadah
Keywords: Makharijul huruf, dhamir, maharah alqira'ah


This research is concerned with the problems of students in mahārah al-qirā'ah at MTsN 3 Palu City whose problems include what are the problems of students in class VIII mahārah al-qirā'ah at MTsN 3 Palu City and what are the solutions to the problems of class VIII students at MTsN 3 Palu City in mahārah al-qirā'ah.

This research uses qualitative research methods and uses a descriptive approach. The results of the research show that first, the author divides problems from a linguistic perspective at MTsN 3 Palu City into four, namely sound system, sentence structure, vocabulary and writing. Meanwhile, problems from a non-linguistic perspective are divided into four, namely environmental factors, interest and motivation, educational factors, and facilities and infrastructure factors. Second, the solution or effort made by the teacher to overcome this problem is to spell out the words word by word to the students which is then followed up so that the pronunciation of the words is correct, such as pronouncing makhārijul hurūf, asking students to memorize the 14 dhamir, and giving them Arabic texts to rewrite. Meanwhile, the solution from a non-linguistic perspective is to provide motivation, vary learning methods, give prizes, and hold extra hours. Keywords: Makhārijul hurūf, Dhamir, Mahārah al-Qirā'ah


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